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Sarah Kostin
As a Transformative Coach and author, Sarah enjoys sharing humorous & uplifting words to help make sense of this beautifully wild ride called being human.

Photo by federico-beccari from Unsplash

I cautiously held the wire in my gloved hand and used my pliers to strip the plastic back about half an inch in order to expose the three wires. I gently pulled the electrical socket out of the wall and carefully wrapped the white wire around the positive screw, the black wire around the negative screw, and grounded the neutral wire around the grounding screw.

I set my pliers down and picked up the screwdriver to tighten the screw over the wires. My fingers accidentally brushed against the tip of the hot wire. “Ouch!” A pulse of electricity shot up…

The Little Known Secret to Changing Direction

What if making a change didn’t require first knowing all of the steps it might take to get there? Sometimes just by pointing ourselves in a direction, we open up new possibilities. Only then, are our next steps revealed to us as we journey along the path.

Photo by David Heslop on Unsplash

I glided over the soft snow on my cross country skis, the only sound was the swish of my ski pants and the puff of my quickened breath. Instead of travelling in the same clockwise direction that I always went on this loop, I decided to switch it up. I typically chose to…

Discover the number one reason why people don’t write a book. Lessons learned from a year and a half of writing (and not writing) my first book.

Photo by Susana Coutinho on Unsplash

I still remember the lit-up feeling of excitement when, as a kid, I wrote my first poem about a caterpillar living under a mushroom. I scrawled the words with a stubby red crayon on a bright yellow sheet of construction paper, which I proudly handed to my sleeping parents at the crack of dawn. I remember thinking, I’m a real writer now!

Except for most of my adult life, I became an expert in how not to be a writer. How? I didn’t write. I only thought about writing.

I used to think that writers were born not made. I…

If Mental Fatigue is draining your battery, it’s time to shut down the computer of your mind and reboot.

Recently, I asked a client if she would rather think about her job for twelve hours or go run a marathon. Without missing a beat, she said “Oh, the marathon would be way easier.”

Almost everyone I talk to lately is experiencing some sort of mental fatigue: COVID fatigue, social media fatigue, politics fatigue, homeschool fatigue, parenting fatigue, or worst yet, the I-already-watched-everything-on-Netflix-fatigue. Which means, in a nutshell, that we are exhausted because we are over-thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, our intellect is amazing. It is like a supercomputer allowing us to access all of the things that we know…

Two simple ways to get out of your head and into your life with more purpose and joy.

There were twenty-two tabs open in my browser window on my laptop.

  • Three new RVs in your Saved Search!
  • Schedule change for your Flight Reservation
  • Earn more Money Writing!
  • Video Lesson 7 of Course: Creative Listening
  • Two Day Mountain Bike Skills Camp
  • Become an InstaCart shopper!
  • A half-written email to a coach
  • A half-written Facebook message to an old colleague
  • Eight Google Docs with two sentences written of eight different blog articles
  • A bill for a doctor’s visit

The open tabs on…

“Does creativity come from the known or the unknown?” I asked this question to the audience of a talk I was giving at a yoga studio about unlocking our hidden superpower of creativity. The room was split.

Half of the students thought that creativity comes from the known. After all, people study art, music and writing to get better at it. Isn’t that 10,000 hours of practice thing legit?

The other half of the group shyly raised their hands, guessing that the answer was from the unknown. …

My dog, Tazzy (left), with her best buddy, Kingston

If you’re like me, and most folks who live in the mountains, you are a collector of gear. The sleek-designed equipment and swishy apparel motivates us to get outdoors, to increase our athleticism, and to look good. We rationalize these purchases with phrases like “I need that new full zip hoodie for running in the rain” or, “I don’t have anything like those gore tex bottoms for epic powder days”. We give ourselves reassurances that the gear is worthy, necessary, and most importantly, will inspire us to pursue even more outdoor endeavors. Out of all the gear that I’ve purchased…

Photo by Jake Melara on Unsplash

I returned from beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado for an extended weekend getaway with my husband. Our truck was packed with snacks, gear, and two bikes in the bed. The mountains shimmered green with purple lupine dotting the meadows and trails. The smell of fresh juniper and sage held ripe in the air. It’s the dawning of a short and colorful summer that makes it hard to imagine that people were skiing these steep slopes only two months ago.

During the first two days of our trip, we rode 40 miles on our mountain bikes. On our third morning, my husband…

Sarah Kostin

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